Microsoft Azure

Som Certified Systems Engineer As Certified Systems Engineer and over 20 years of experience with Microsoft ecosystems, we can provide solid infrastructures and working environments, baed on Microsoft Solutions. 

Create a secure and hybrid company infrastructure, working both on-premise and cloud based and ensure maximum working functionality - everywhere.

Google Cloud

Med Google Cloud Platform ​With Google Cloud Platform you can manage your business from one online console. Create servers, backups, host your sites and let the solution scale automated on demand and request.

At WURK we've taken several certifications to ensure professional deliveries with Google's services and platform.

Linux Management

​We've hosted thousands of websites and we can truly state that we're a solid partner for your online needs.

The demand for increased performance and speed online, we optimize and finetune all our solutions, so that your backbone supplements the online experiences for the customers.

Network & Storage

Real men do not take backups - They just cry a lot. Funny saying with a tint of truth in it. Backups are ususally not an issue, but fast restoration and limited downtime is the essence of a solid backup strategy and solution.

We provide fast networking and professional storage solutions for SME and SOHO customer needs.

Selected clients & references

These clients thinks that we're good company and skilled enough to touch their honorable brands.