About WURK®  

Our core expertise

With over 25 years of expertise within design and development, we can truly state that we're a solid partner for your online needs.

At WURK, we've delivered colocation and hosting services and maintained thousands of customers, who have had high quality demands. We can provide cloud-based Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure infrastructures and we're experts in Drupal, Odoo and Wordpress solutions.

Let us help with your next project and we can almost guarantee, that you'll be pleased. 

Close collaborations

Our preferred method of collaboration is together with you. We see optimal solutions, when we work on premise with you and can use your expertises with our skills.

Working close together with your background and our skills, assures a best practice method, that also saves you time and money. Whether you need design, development or IT management services, if completely up to you.

Call us today and let us have a non-committing talk about our needs.

Selected clients & references

These selected clients have enjoyed our company and believed, that our expertises were meeting their respected brand values.